The inaugural Jack Daniel’s National BBQ Championship will be held throughout New Zealand in eight separate events in seven different cities. To win the overall BBQ Championship, an eligible team must have competed in a minimum of three events. An eligible team can have 1, 2, 3 or 4 members, having 5 or more members in a team will result in the team being disqualified.

Each event will have a maximum of 30 teams competing, so the sooner you enter your team the better your chances of competing. The Jack Daniel’s National BBQ Championship is sanctioned by the Australasian Barbeque Alliance (ABA), which means the Championship will be run to the same rules as those held across the Tasman. To help oversee and judge entries, two ABA Judges will be present at all events. Please note that the Promoter, Jack Daniel’s NZ Ltd, reserves the right to change competition details and rules prior to and during each event.



Event Day
Day 1

11.00am – Allocated area is opened for teams to set up
2:00pm - Site inspections for food safety & equipment
2.30pm - Team briefing & official Hand in Boxes distributed
3.00pm – Official Welcome, drinks, music & food
5.00pm - Cooking window opens
Day 2

*Judges Course 8.45am on site in Judges Tent
10.00am - First turn in: Chicken
11.00am - Second turn in: Ribs
12.00pm - Third turn in: Pork
1.00pm - Fourth turn in: Beef
2.00pm - Winner announcements
4.30pm – Clean up and teams exit allocated competition area





The Jack Daniel’s National BBQ Championship is run to the rules as stipulated by the ABA. It is recommended that all entrants thoroughly read the Rules before entering the Championship. A downloadable PDF of the ABA Rules is available here.

Click here to view all the Championship terms and conditions.


Our apologies, but before we let you enter we'll have to grill you about your age

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